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Greetings and Welcome To
Victorian Spring
This is a place of rhyme and mirth, beauty and grace. Where the Gilded Age comes alive and warms the soul from a time of mystical spiritualism and calming grace.
The Victorian Glade
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The White Stag & Swan
Our family hobby revolves around anything Renaissance. Faires, History, Artisans, Clothiers and more.
The Artistry of SpringWolf
Collected here are some of my doodles, drawings and dabblings to pass away the hours and express some creative thoughts.
Family Recipes
Everyone has memories of going home to a house filled with the aroma of grandma's cooking. Here are a few of our family recipes.
Welcome to Victorian Spring,
a garden of verse and soaring wing,
where the heart sings glad,
where green eyes cry sad,
and where thought drifts upward in a ring.


Victorian Spring


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White Stag & Swan - RenFaire Site       Carey - Holland Family Heritage & Recipes


I have been blessed by friends with wondrous gifts of poetry. Some for me, others about me. I'd like to share these wonderful gifts, and invite you to visit their sites as well.
Gifts Of The Heart.    

The Bear and The Angel

Springwolf Reflections
A blog of
Spiritual Enlightenment
and Thought
You Are The

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