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The Carey's & Holland's Of The Celtic Lands Welcome You

~ Our Accessories ~
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The Woodbutchery * - wood carvings, walking sticks and staffs. On White Stag Grove
Now if you like walking sticks, this is the place to go! They do exceptional cravings, walking sticks, staffs, tables, chairs, bed frames and more.
Lord Garrett's Staff 
Lady Victoria's Staff
Sir Aidan's Staff
At the Maryland Renfair, we made our way along the lane and found a special little place called "The Midsummer Knight's Dream".
Within it's walls are very special Woodbabies. From unicorns and griffins, to some very special wolves.
Upon a shelf waiting to be noticed was a wolf who seemed familiar some how. It was not so long ago that we lost our own special Merlin wolf to cancer.
Being the kindest and most carrying noble, Lord Garrett prodded me to adopt him. And within moments he sat upon my shoulder and traveled through the village sharing his magik with those who noticed him.
Many children noticed him first, as he moved to look at them wondering by. They asked to pet him and asked if he was real. How did he move and his he alive? Of course he is, you can touch him can't you? You see him moving don't you? Their excitement was contagious and eventually the Mom and Dad would take notice and share in the magikal experience.