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The Carey's & Holland's Of The Celtic Lands Welcome You

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Through our travels we have occasioned to visit a few artisan shops. Here we share a few of our favorite; many we've purchased items from and all that we recommend for your next shopping spree.

Potomac Leather Company - Leather Works
These are folks who make belts, sporans, hats and more. And they are the brother company to Wolfstone Kilts. If you purchase a kilt from Wolfstone, you can buy your kilt belt from Potomac Leather. Lady Victoria purchased a black sporan from these folk, along with a ladies belt that matches Lord Garrett's belt for his Great Kilt.
Stitchin Witches - Ladies Clothier
Lady Victoria has longed for one of her dresses for many years. Ever since she discovered her website. It's worth the tour of her dresses.
Son Of Sandlar - Leather Bootiers
This is where Lord Garrett purchased his boots. He will often tell you they are the most comfortable shoes he's ever worn.
The Very Merry Seamstress - Ladies Clothier
Her dresses are not only lovely, they are affordable. Where others chose the most expensive materials, The Merry Seamstress meets your needs in the most inexpensive way. But make no assumptions, the craftsmanship of her garments is totally high quality.
Wolfstone Kilt Company * - Celtic Clothier.
This is where Lord Garrett purchased his kilt, in his family tartan. They were excellent in teaching him the finer points in pleating the kilt and wearing it properly. And their knowledge of tartans and clans is exceptional.

Ageless Fashions - Trinkets & Jewelry
Mom and Dad aren't the only ones who like sparklies, so does Sir Aidan. And he found the perfect dragon pendant, with his tail wrapped around a glittering crystal ball.
The Crafty Celts - Fine Hand Crafted Jewelry
Every Scotsman needs a decorative broach to hold his kilt in place over his shoulder. Lord Garrett found the perfect broach, decorated with lion heads; perfectly matching his Family Crest.
Crimson Chain Leather Works - Fine Leather Garb and Accessories
We're walking through the Carolina RenFaire when Little Sir Aidan walks into this shop. Before m'Lord and Lady can get inside behind him, he has expressed to the shop owner that he wants a hat. She pulls off the smallest black leather hat she has in the shop; guides him to a full length mirror and places it on his head. With a giant grin he calmly says thank you and begins walking out the store. So he has a new hat.
Goodly Woods - Hand-crafted drinking vessels
Lady Spring acquired her very beautiful wooden cup from Goodly Woods. It's holding up exceptionally well.
Wylie Woven Wire - Unique Wire & Metal Jewelry
Lady Victoria chose a nice pair of glass dangling earrings at the Carolina RenFaire. A perfect match for her Ren-dress.
Ye Dragon & Unicorn - Fine Leather Drinking Mugs
Our friend Alice acquired a tall leather mug, decorated with a white wolves head for Lady Victoria. A year later, we found a small childrens mug for our little pirate Aidan. Decorated with a perfectly adorable flying pig.

Odds 'N Ends:
The Midsummer Knight's Dream - Woodbaby puppets
Lord Garrett prodded me to adopt a very special and somehow familiar woodbaby wolf. He sat upon my shoulder and traveled through the Maryland village sharing his magik with those who noticed him.
Hollow Earth Swordworks - Fine wooden swords
Lord Garrett and Sir Aidan acquired a pair of swords from Hollow Earth in 2006. They have spent many an evening honing their skills at home and thankfully not harming each other!

Places To Visit At The Faire:
Vendors who don't have a web site
Maryland RenFaire
Q Heart II - Clothier. On Valley Meade lane.
Lady Victoria walked into this shop and was immediately drawn to a gold patterned dress, with black leather draw strings. And it's also very well made.
The Woodbutchery * - wood carvings, walking sticks and staffs. On White Stag Grove
Now if you like walking sticks, this is the place to go! They do exceptional cravings, walking sticks, staffs, tables, chairs, bed frames and more. Our Staffs.
High Point Crafts.
On a day when the temperature was near 90, finding a fan to provide some relief was essential. Thankfully we found a wonderful little shop with brooms, bellows, walking sticks, fans and feather dusters.
Carolina RenFaire
Heirloom Jewelry
Along the main road rests a quaint shop filled with silver jewelry. Adorned with fairies, birds, and animals of all kinds. We acquired a necklace, and matching earrings for my niece as a thank you for babysitting our dogs during our visit.
New Pterodactyl Leather
I truly wish Dawn Celeste had a website to point you to. I walked into this shop with the specific mission of finding a brimmed hat. I had no idea how much I'd fall in love with a leather brimmed hat. The craftmanship alone of the hat and all the items within the shop is amazing. But the creativity and unique designs are so stunning, you can't help but walk out with your hands full. Along with my hat I found a set of black leather wrist bracing for Lord Garrett. Accented with red suede, they look perfect next to his clan tartan.

Additional Shopping:
Children's Costumes
Make Believe Costume
Great children costumes. They do special orders for hard to find costumes as well. Sir Aidan's costume was no longer available from the original store we purchased it at. But he was set on having a new one to fit his growing size. Thankfully I found a special order section at MakeBelieve.
Extreme Halloween
A variety of childrens and toddler costumes. This is where we acquired Sir Aidan's Renaissance Warrior Costume. He's growing like a weed so this is a good bookmark to have.

* - Highly recommended!