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October 12, 2008
Merry Meetings and welcome back to the 2008 Maryland Renfaire and our simple but eventful family adventure.
Our adventure started as it always does, with a special visit to our dear friends Alice and Alan at the Woodbutchery.
Lady Alice was looking exceptionally lovely on this day. And she agreed to pose with Sir Aidan.
If you have not been to the butchery you should try to stop by. The staves and walking sticks are amazing works of art. With carved eagles, hawks, wolves and more.
Nearby the butcher is Sir Aidan's other favorite place, the painting place where a young knight can attain an image of his favorite creature on his arm or face.
This year seems to be the season for spiders. The lovely artistic wench did an amazing job at capturing the magic of Sir Aidan's current mystical favorite. His version of the black widow.
Next it was on to the merriment of the stage. The first stop took us to the scary and odd, a sword swallower.
He took many knives and swords of various lengths and scary blade. He exposed their blades as real and firm. And with only a brief gasp he slid the steal into his mouth as we all watched with disbelief as it disappeared into his throat.
With shivers and fears, he amazed the crowd. And turned the heads of the weak and mild.
Of course the faire would not be complete without a visit to our most favorite and talented musicians, The Scottish Rogues.
Along with the usual wenches who travel with the Rogues, this year we found a well clad gent sharing his version of the Scottish jig. A wonderful rendition if I do say so, and equally as entertaining.
We tried to encourage Sir Aidan to dance with the lasses as he did the year before. But he has become somewhat bashful and less inclined to publicly display his talent.
Though he still has way with the ladies in private surroundings. As evident by the young lass he asked to share his orange ice treat with.
The day brought us to one of our favorite shops, A Midsummer Nights Dream. Waiting there in a quiet corner was a special little gray wolf. Sir Aidan and the wolf locked eyes and it was indeed love at first sight.
With the adoption approved, Sir Aidan walked away from the day with a great smile and special friend tucked safely in his belt.
Once again the season was a grand success, with memories and friendships made to last a lifetime.
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